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My New blog!

Welcome to My new Home. Let me know how you like it here.

Painting Time

I am painting my room and hubby is putting up shelves this weekend. So I wont be creating stuff for about a week. My room is in a complete disarray.

I will post pics when its done 🙂


We are okay. My area was not affected, just a few miles north and south got hit really hard. A few deaths and alot of homes demolished. So much for Good Friday.
Look at these pictures of the devastation!
the tornado was an E4..

Cant believe this actually happened here.

I got a new toy!!!

My Hubby bought me an IPHONE today!!!!

It is soo much fun! Now I will always be online. If you want to add me to your yahoo messenger – please add stampnsleep thats me!

Have a great weekend, I am off to play with my new phone. 🙂


Can you believe that Tennessee was hit with 6 inches of snow? It happened yesterday. We woke up to the windows covered with white stuff. The kids were shocked! My Daughter especially was thrilled, she finally was able to make snow angels!

You can see here my son wanted nothing to do with it!! He couldn’t wait to go inside.

The Prince and the Princess!

Grandma this one is for you…

This is a current pic, I took it yesterday. Alex is 4 feet tall now and weighs 45 lbs! Can you believe he is wearing a size 1.5 Boys shoe!! Just the other day he was wearing a size 7! He will be 6 in April!! They grow too fast! 😦

Julie is catching up to him, she is at his shoulder!! Alex is getting so handsome I am going to have my hands full when he is in High School! Watch out Boys – Julie isnt dating untill she is 45!!! LOL!! My little girl is growing up too fast!!

My Little Artist

I havent had much time to craft lately, I been so busy with the kids, house and life. My daughter didnt want to go to preschool today, softie I am I let her stay home. So she wanted to do some coloring. I stamped a few images and let her use my inexpensive pencils.

She did a GREAT job! She is only 4 and already loves to color 🙂

I hope Grandma logs into my blog to see this!